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Completed commercial fiction available for representation and publication. 


No attachments. No entanglements. 

No distractions. No problems.


Lynn Grey-Rabbett may be mildly autistic with an extra finger on her left hand, but she’s also an amazing guitarist who is constantly in demand as a touring sideman. 


While Lynn continues to prove she’s the hottest player on the stage, talk swirls about long-lost unreleased material from Rings of Saturn, the ultimate progressive art rock band from the 1970’s who are known more for keyboard player Michael Merton disappearing mid-tour in 1981 rather than the unique sound that influenced a generation of top-notch musicians.


Lynn is pulled into the band’s orbit when she’s hired to back up ailing guitarist Gavin Norris on a hastily put together tour to support the group’s final album. Instead of reveling in the ultimate jobbing gig, Lynn spends more time trying to avoid unwinnable arguments and fending off not-totally-unwanted sexual advances. 


Lynn’s time with the band leads her to confront her unusual past and address an unexpected future on a road that has nothing to do with playing guitar, but everything to do with accepting who she is. 

Rocking the Spectrum

Barbara Gillies

What happens at the intersection of gender, autism, and rock-and-roll?     

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