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Current Projects:

The Hightones


Please visit The Hightones' website.  I also have info about our upcoming shows under EVENTS here on my site. Our most recent CD (Crossing the Blue Line) was recorded at Bobdog Studios in Oak Park and and is available now! Buy one song or buy them all! (Not so subtle hint: I have a really cool bari solo on Strange Things Creep in the Night)

Random songs from bands I've worked with through the years

Urban Amazon - Smokin' Section
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Urban Amazon was written by Myron Weitraub and recorded by Smoking' Section in 1997 at Rax Trax in Chicago.  Rick Barnes engineered/mixed the session. I did a really nice bari solo on this  song using an Electrovoice RE-20 mic routed through a Telefunken pre-amp and a  Manley compressor.

Built for Comfort - The Hightones
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Here's a recording of Built for Comfort from The Hightones' first release entitled 7x7, which was recorded and mixed by Rawl Hardman at Housosax Studios in 2000. This song gives a taste of Housosax Horns doing what we do best together (play the blues). The bari solo is a first pass (I used a double mic combo of a Sennheiser 421 and an AKG D-112) and yes, that's the one and only Jim Desmond on vocals.

Gogo - American Taboo
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Gogo was written by Brian Friedler/David Purpur and recorded by American Taboo in 1985 at CRC in Chicago. Ian Burgess engineered and mixed the session. This a great high energy 'trance and dance' track. One of the four 'lost tracks' that never made it onto a record or CD. 

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