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The Hightones' Crossin' the Blue Line is now available!!! Buy one song or buy them all !

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A bittersweet look at hipsters coming of age during the Great Recession.

The Click-Click Saga  (New Adult / Young Adult series of novels about being an alien in America) 

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Writer and baritone/tenor saxophonist Barbara Gillies lives in Chicago with a longhaired night owl and a pack of unruly welfare wolves.


Barbara began playing music professionally in 1980. Bands she has recorded and performed with include American Taboo, Malukosamba, Hidden Colors, Smokin' Section, and her current band, The Hightones. In addition, she works as part of the Housosax Horns with blues tenor sax legend, Rawl Hardman.


Novels she has written and published include Click-Click, The Other Side of the Lake, Unbidden RefugeThe Rhythm of Solitude, and her newest release, Chaos and Enlightenment in the Cheese Tent.

In addition to playing music and writing books, she owns a small forest where she engages in shinrin-yoku, keeps bees, and grows shiitake mushrooms. She also keeps chickens in her backyard in Chicago, occasionally makes wine in her basement, and has completely useless degrees in anthropology, cultural geography, and mortuary science.


Future plans include publishing her next novel (Rocking the Spectrum), working on new material with both The Hightones and Rawl Hardman and The Welfare Wolves, finally doing a gut rehab on her 100-year-old bathroom, installing a real staircase in the off-grid shack, and eventually bottling that big carboy of Malbec that’s still sitting in the corner of the basement.



Moe's Tavern
Moe's Tavern
Moe's Tavern
Moe's Tavern

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